Proposed Policies Could Make America Overfished Again


A new “fish bill” could weaken regulations that have helped fisheries recover across the United States.

The U.S. is just a couple of months into its 115th Congress and it has already earned a reputation for dismantling environmental laws. Rules governing methane flaring and stream protection have already bitten the dust; a bill to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency is floating around the House of Representatives, and the Senate is holding hearings to overhaul the Endangered Species Act. And while Congress has so far kept its focus terrestrial, it may soon set its sights on the nation’s main marine fisheries law: the Magnuson-Stevens Act, often referred to as the “fish bill.”

A bill, introduced by Representative Don Young, a Republican from Alaska, doesn’t gut Magnuson-Stevens, but it does slacken the law’s firmest requirements.

LINK (via: Hakai Magazine)

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