Power Shift on the Columbia

John Day Fish Ladder

Jin Norton knows a thing or two about the relationship between Columbia River salmon and dams.

Norton has been a professional river guide and naturalist for over 25 years, working in North America, New Zealand, Chile, and western China. Between river trips, he is the project coordinator for Columbia Rediviva, an intentional dis-organization of activists reexamining our relationship to salmon and power in the Columbia River basin. Norton developed, wrote and produced PBS NATURE’s “Salmon: Running the Gauntlet,” a nationally televised program exploring the natural history of Columbia River salmon and the unnatural history of our 150-year interventions in every stage of their life cycle—currently among the most expensive and farcical ecological mitigation programs in US history.

In this piece he wrote for Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line Norton examines the intertwined fates of Columbia River salmon and dams.


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