Pebble Mine Gets No Better With Time

In early 2006, when George W. Bush occupied the White House and the Republican Party was firmly in control of Congress, then-CEO of Canadian-based Northern Dynasty Minerals Bruce Jenkins thought the mine was a done deal. In fact, there was little in the way of consultation or collaboration with the community – Jenkins stated emphatically that Pebble mine would be built. It was just a question of when, not if it would be built.

Fast forward 11 years. The GOP once again controls the White House and Congress, and Republicans are promising to open lands to new development and roll back government regulations. Not surprisingly, a project many believed was dead has been given new life. Some investment blogs and websites are newly bullish on the proposed Pebble project. And Northern Dynasty’s current CEO, Ronald Thiessen, is traveling the world to tout Pebble’s prospects, stating the Pebble Limited Partnership, a subsidiary owned and created by Northern Dynasty to develop the mine, will begin permitting this year.

Presidents and politicians come and go, but the Pebble mine will always be the wrong mine in the wrong place. Most Alaskans, hailing from all walks of life, are opposed to the mine. Why? The long-term risks of the mine far exceed any potential short-term benefits.

LINK (via: Alaska Dispatch News)

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