The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercially Viable


pebble mine

 offers up a brutal financial assessment of the Pebble deposit.

  • Kerrisdale believes Northern Dynasty’s former partners concluded that the Pebble project had a negative present value – an assessment that Northern Dynasty has spent years trying to conceal from the public.
  • Frenzied investor enthusiasm over the benefits that Trump presidency will bring to the Pebble project overlooks the ineradicable threat of a veto from either the Alaskan government or future Democratic White House.

If you’re an investor, read it and weep.

LINK (via: Seeking Alpha)

The stock market ambulance chasers are already circling.
Rosen Law Firm, a global investor-rights law firm, announces it is investigating potential securities claims on behalf of shareholders of Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (NAK) resulting from allegations that Northern Dynasty may have issued materially misleading business information to the investing public.

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