One thought on “Official: Development of salmon-saving policies takes time

  1. Same with the Atlantic-based relatives – things have got S-O-O-O BAD recently for the Best Rivers – Best Beats – Best Weeks, Mount Olympus-based, Official (Types Likes Us Only) Salmon Guardians, that they have finally had to admit in public, only very recently, that is something wrong.


    Put out more fishy flags, more press releases, commission more reports, organize more multi-delegate conferences, above all find something or somebody to blame except us and well-oiled pals, for God’s sake….

    Many of these very well-heeled, always extremely concerned, though supremely ineffective people were talking about Eco Terrorists, Tree Molesters, Designated Feathered and Furry Vermin-Huggers, Climate Commies, System Smashers / World As We Know It Breakers and Enders until only a few years ago and spending huge amounts of money and in-our-pockets-Media time taking potshots at such Reds Under the Downton Abbey Bed – Enemies Within, for Salmon’s Sake.

    Seems that you people, a good half of an Ailing Planet away, are similarly plagued.

    There Is No Alternative, for me it’s got to be yet another…..

    … “Ommmm….”

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