One thought on “Not Another Fly Fishing Movie | Teaser

  1. I have long entertained a dependably warped, waking and sleeping big, bad Bootean fantasy that features me fishing rivers, both far-away ones in the know-no-better past and lower-impact, local domestic ones over the past 20 years present, and not being able to find a single one of them that doesn’t have either a) someone on a very personal, piscatorially related “journey” / finding himself (only very occasionally herself) and similar, whilst possibly yoga- and meditation-featuring in NuNorCali Style, or b) someone shooting a badly concealed, Big Brand logos to the left of you – yet more of them to the right, high-end tackle ad, complete with cameraperson / borderline Hollywood film crew in attendance, of course. “Perhaps I could make a film…?” I find myself thinking, whilst running from the river silently Munchian screaming in horror at such times. “Working title … “What Happened When After The River Stopped Running Quietly and Innocently Through It and Got Itself Horribly and Cynically Overran”…?”

    “Better not, Paul, you have, through your “Thanks, but no thanks”, inadvertently upset quite enough self-styled Official NuFishy, many-pocketed Mr Toad movers and shakers and fashion followers already….”


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