Montana, In The Wake Of ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘A River Runs Through It’

Image by sergei akulich from Pixabay

When the dream of Montana meets sobering reality: what’s the cost of Hollywood calling attention to still-wild places? When the masses show up, do they realize what they are trampling?

LINK (via Mountain Journal)

Is there a different type of sobering reality happening in Big Sky Country?

2 thoughts on “Montana, In The Wake Of ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘A River Runs Through It’

  1. The money ran through it, leaving, to borrow from Shakespeare’s Hamlet “soliloquizing” like mad about life and death as he saw it, absolutely nothing – nothing of what made a lot of less-accessible, lovely places once so very special, anyway. I found myself very nicely and gently warning a fair few people in such places, in Britain, India, South America , Europe and Scandinavia, in the very 1990s that more (visiting Anglers, bigger and bigger resulting bank accounts etc) might not be better. Did I see some of those gently warned guys’ Big Brand – Big Nu Full Service Lodge slings and arrows! Funny, they have mostly disappeared or gone very quiet, now. But thenJoni, with her Big Yelloiw Taxi late-hippy era Sixties shit, was right.

  2. PS – The “nothing” mentioned above was spoken by Shakespeare’s equally tortured Macbeth’s (tale told by an idiot) “signifying nothing”, I have just jremembered. The slings and arrows, though – now, they really were Hamlet’s. Too many years between a me now and a me then when I could quote surprisingly large chunks of Shakespeare’s plays whilst at school.

    Either way, the two of them (plus Joni) got it about right.

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