Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Proposes to Sell Out Wildlife During Drought

It’s not just fish getting hammered by the drought.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MDFWP) announced that due to the extreme drought conditions across Montana, it would open up some wildlife management areas (WMA) to livestock grazing and haying. And it will keep any WMA currently being grazed or hayed open for that use, despite the drought’s effects on wildlife.

Governor Gianforte is pushing MDFWP to make the forage available, although wildlife management areas should put wildlife needs first. To add insult to injury, MDFWP proposes to allow all grazing for free. In other words, ranchers will not be charged a cent for the forage, and you can bet they will not have to pay anything for any damages done to these areas by haying or grazing.

LINK (via The Wildlife News)

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