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Moana Kofe was more than simply a legendary and pioneering guide on Christmas Island. He was truly a warm and charming human being who was deeply connected to his island. Anyone that was fortunate enough to spend time walking the flats of Christmas Island with Moana felt his unbridled enthusiasm to share his island and an intimate, bordering on spiritual knowledge of the flats.

His boyish chuckle when a small snapper stole your fly out of the face of a bonefish, his gentle treatment of a waywardly hooked frigate bird, or his patient and kind advice on how to be a better flats angler was endearing, professional and always a pleasure. We will miss him greatly, as we know that all who fished with him will as well.

This fund is raised in Moana’s name to benefit a fantastic organization doing great work for all who live on Christmas Island. All proceeds donated in Moana’s name will go directly to Pacific Island Medical Aid (PIMA).

Islanders suffer from a chronic shortage of basic, life-saving medicines and medical supplies, made worse by unhygienic living conditions and a critical shortage of doctors.

Water is often scarce, wells are sometimes not protected or groundwater contaminated. The sheer isolation of Kiribati’s 33 islands scattered across the central Pacific makes transportation extremely challenging.

PIMA has been taking medicines, medical supplies, communications and lighting equipment, eye care and specialist medical teams to Christmas (Kiritimati), Fanning (Tabuaeran), and Washington (Teraina) for years now.

Pacific Islands Medical Aid is a non profit (501c3) humanitarian charity on a mission to help change the world.

Please consider making a donation to this very worthwhile fund in honor of a very special man.


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