Men with fish pictures in their Tinder profile: Why?

Tinder: love it, hate it, or delete and redownload it every two weeks, we can all agree on one thing right? When we go on Tinder, we want to be welcomed with a bit of eye candy and some decent chat. So, why when I open the app (that’s meant to entice me into dating, or potentially hooking up with these people, may I add) am I greeted with picture after picture of big slimy fish?

LINK (via: The Tab)

One thought on “Men with fish pictures in their Tinder profile: Why?

  1. Ok, simple as this. Most men who are outdoor enthusiasts, want to find a partner with the same interests. It’s hard to go fishing when your partner hates it and you don’t want to upset them. Fishing is my way of life. People don’t understand that it literally has the power to save lives at the sport, personal consumption, and destroy those with commercial fishing. Sport and personal consumption grew up with fishing. And any fisherman is just being upfront saying, hey look, I fish, this is what ima do with my free time and I want you there, but if you see it as offsetting we could seriously care less. I’ve been with girls from all shades ages and walks of life from tinder and they all loved the outdoors.

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