Mayfly Outdoors Welcomes Lauren Boebert

(Courtesy photo/ Office of Lauren Boebert)

This is appalling.

Mayfly Outdoors welcomed U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert recently, showcasing its Montrose-made fly-fishing equipment.

“We are always open to any elected official coming to see us,” Mayfly owner David Dragoo said. “We’re honored that they come.”

Lauren Boebert degrades and attacks people, particularly those who are vulnerable. She thrives in and exploits divisions and leaves them deeper.

She is a racist and a menace.

LINK (via Montrose Press)

6 thoughts on “Mayfly Outdoors Welcomes Lauren Boebert

  1. Not that I was going to every buy their bullshit, but it’s a guarantee now. Complete clowns associating with her trash ass. Get fucked.

  2. What else do you expect from Moldychum, BB and his crew of left-wing lunatics from the PNW?

    I stand with Dragoo and Boebert. Colorado and USA proud.

  3. I knew Moldy Chum was lost to the liberals when they stopped the Friday Pinup……at that point, it was all down hill political propaganda instead of just fly fishing as when it started. So much to look forward to every Friday, but now we know exactly what will be on this website…..woke politics. Credibility at MoldyChum is gone.

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