Let My People Drink Wine

Photo: Amy Kumler

Patagonia has just announced that it’s expanding into wine, cider, and sake sales. Earlier this week, it released eight wines on its Patagonia Provisions website. In late November, it will expand its offerings to include one sake made from organic rice and a dry hard cider from the Chilean Andes.

And, because they knew you’d have questions, there’s an entire section on the site that attempts to answer the question “Why Wine?” The biggest reason, the Ventura, California company explains, is because drinking wine can provide a connection to the “authentic natural source” of every bottle’s place of origin.

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2 thoughts on “Let My People Drink Wine

  1. And there I was no longer able to close-focus on the last of the half-dozen small grayling flies that I was tying here last night on account of my second glass of a cheap but very cheeky little Chilean White, nor probably the movie that I intend to watch tonight on account of, say, an equally cheap but cheerful Argentine Mendoza Red. I’ve never combined either with actual fishing, however, as I wouldn’t want the fish to think that, with that idiot Boote well under par, clearly over the limit, not to mention occasionally face-down in the shallows, they can start (British expression coming up) taking the piss. Perhaps I should consider introducing on my own bespoke wine range….? The names that a warped mind like mine could come up with might be truly memorable….. Second thoughts, better not.

  2. Sounded interesting, but I was put off by the Meinklang being “biodynamic” as if that was an advantage.
    (The word sounds good but it actually means sticking to old Rudolf Steiner-invented superstitions as applied to farming. Basically a cult.)

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