One thought on “Lavezzinifly – Fly Fishing Aurino

  1. Che bellezza! Place and fish. Quite made me a) look at and talk kindly to my several dozen, several varieties of Italian tomatoes (12 inches high, in small pots, still indoors away from late frosts, here at present), and b) Remember my days on the then very prolific, then just as lovely Austrian Alpine rivers, armed with the then Top Secret – For Our Eyes Only Beadhead Nymphs (both brass and jewel-like glass … “Whisper the words, Paul … NEVER open your flybox in public…”) and unsinkable foam and deerhair caddis dries, plus Han’s, just as scret and never before seen on those waters, Klinkhamer Special, very nearly forty years ago now…. Best not to think about it, … though I might even do a pasta dish for tonight’s supper…..

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