Kick Plastic: Bead Edition

Photo: Drift Outfitters and Fly Shop Instagram

The crew at Drift Outfitters and Fly Shop in Toronto is kicking plastic beads to the curb.

As of March 6, we will no longer be selling, carrying, or ordering, peg-egg style plastic, and glass beads – we are outright saying goodbye to them. If you’re not familiar with peg-egg style beads, they are an egg imitation that is typically used for trout, steelhead, and salmon angling. For the most part, they are single-use plastics which have two end locations after use: our waterways, or the landfill. . We’ve done some addition and our shop alone is responsible for selling over 50,000 plastic beads, most to local anglers. That’s a hard egg to swallow.


One thought on “Kick Plastic: Bead Edition

  1. That will help about as much as Epicurious magazine stopping to print beef recipes . Too funny.

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