Tarpon on the Fly, Pesca Mahahaul (Megalops atlanticus)

Juvenile Tarpon on the fly at Pesca Mahahaul by Caldwell Rohrbach

Located near the town of Mahahual, Mexico between Espiritu Santo Bay and Chetumal Bay, Pesca Mahahual has the perfect location to take advantage of the many saltwater tarpon lakes spread throughout the region as well as the less known and spectacular fishery of Chetumal Bay.

The region’s inland lakes represent a unique and sought after venue for tarpon and snook anglers. There are a dozen or so ancient lakes, connected to the Caribbean by limestone caverns called “cenotes”. These cenotes serve as an active connection to the sea and deliver fresh influx salt water to the lakes each day through tidal movement. Additionally, cenotes provide passage for a wide range of game fish.

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