Justice Department sues over Puyallup River pollution


What a mess on the Puyallup.

The Justice Department has filed a civil suit against the owners of the Electron Hydroelectric Project for violating the Clean Water Act by polluting the Puyallup River.

On July 29, 2020, Electron Hydro, the company owning the dam operated by PSE, polluted over 40 miles of the Puyallup River with black crumb rubber debris. The debris was released through an unpermitted improvised use of second-hand artificial turf, which had happened to be stored in the area, in construction activities around the dam. The turf broke loose from the liner and was washed into the river. This resulted in a large fish kill and threatens the upcoming salmon spawning season. Authorities are still uncertain of how to rectify the pollution damage.

LINK (via: The Seattle Times)



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