Jet boaters and fly fisherman battle over usage rights to Upper Rogue River

Jet boaters and fly fisherman are battling over the banks of the Rogue River between the Cole River Hatchery and the Touvelle bridge after a petition to the Oregon Marine Board.

“The rules proposal is primarily to shift the actual use of this section of the river back more towards what it’s been in that past, the frequency of the jet boat use has just gone up substantially here especially in the lower part of the section we’re petitioning about,” said Chuck Huntington.

Huntington is a member of the Rogue Fly Fishers, the group that helped author the petition.

He says it’s primarily about safety.

“It’s not just a fly fisherman’s issue if you are a gear fisherman you’re probably as nervous about a jet boat going by your boat or by you wading in the river as a fly fisherman would be,” said Huntington.

Jet boat tour guides say the argument is about public rights to use the river.

LINK (via: NBC 5/2)

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