It’s All Home Water: Oregon Steelhead

Oregon Steelhead
Waist-deep in a coastal Oregon steelhead river, Jeff Hickman sets up a Spey cast. Photo: Jeremy Koreski

Steve Duda, Patagonia’s managing editor for fly fishing, penned this profile of Oregon steelhead guide Jeff Hickman.

Jeff Hickman is a prominent steelhead fishing guide, outfitter and activist for wild rivers and wild fish. Today at the office, a short coastal stream on Oregon’s north coast, sleet, snow, rain and even squalls of hail pounded down all damn day. There were two rafts to mother hen. Knots needed untangling and flies needed changing. A newbie required help learning to Spey cast. A pair of anglers somehow got lost in the woods—that was a new one. By the time Hickman beaches at the takeout, it’s dark. And cold. No steelhead.  Not today. Maybe tomorrow.

LINK (via: The Cleanest Line)

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