Is Costco the New Fly Shop?

That’s the headline from GearJunkie promoting and profiting off affiliate links to Costco at the expense of fly fishing specialty retailers.

Costco is now home to a turn-key fly fishing kit that can leave the parking lot and go straight to the river — so long as you have a few flies on hand. The WETFLY Element Black Ops Fly Fishing Kit is now available on the shelf at your local big box store.


4 thoughts on “Is Costco the New Fly Shop?

  1. “I just want to say one word to you. Just one word…..”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Are you listening?”

    “Yes, I am.”


    Above dialog(ue), bar the last line, courtesy of Mike Nichols’ “The Graduate”, 1967.

  2. At least it’s trash gear. Not Farbank or Loomis or something. Obviously those guys are big box too but are still on the edge of having ethics.

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