Is catch-and-release the future of tarpon rodeo?


Let’s hope so.

For a select group of anglers, tarpon is the one fish they target for the annual International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo.

While many of the tarpon fishermen will likely opt for the tag-and-release option, many are wondering if that will eventually become the future of the rodeo.

Brett Candies, an avid tarpon fisherman from Thibodaux and whose father and grandfather were longtime supporters of the rodeo, said moving toward a catch-and-release format has been discussed in the past.

“There has been some scuttlebutt about that type of situation because many people already follow a catch-and-release format,” Candies said. “The difference in the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo is that everybody who fishes for tarpon wants to win it. There is only one way to win and that is to catch the biggest one, and there is only one way to determine who caught the biggest one is to weigh it.”

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