One thought on “Indiana salmon hatchery to raise Frankenfish

  1. Although I think the term franked fish is apt and comical I really believe it lends to the misnomer that these genetically altered fish are bad, when in fact the complete opposite is true. Fish like these, raised in efficient indoor systems are some of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly food you can buy. Because the system is indoor and land base there are no fears of escapees, nutrient pollution, and no need for antibiotics. If anyone truly wants to help preserve our fisheries I highly recommend that they research this fish and other species raised in similar indoor facilities and you will find it is far better than not only wild caught fish but other fish aquaculture in open net pens (which we all know are bad). Calling them frankenfish just perpetuates the misconception that they are bad due to their genetic alteration even when there is no scientific evidence that this has any negative effects on people consuming them.

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