2 thoughts on “HYPE – Fly Fishing The Gallatin River In Montana

  1. Grin ‘n’ Grip Long, Loud and Fish Destructively Hard, Totally Awesome! – I’m feeling really really Rad now, so it has to a case of Boote Out, before he goes and starts a REAL Revolution (and the Official Fishing Powers That Be – do you have them in North America? – we still do in Know Your Place. Can’t Change – Won’t Change Little England – REALLY wouldn’t like that. Sometimes, I almost believe that They (they OFPTB) would rather have no fishers at all in the pastime (they call it OUR Sport) than have undesirable types (aka “people not exactly like Ourselves”) in the the poor old, now rather ailing thing.

    I am reminded of the very last of our dear, old Neanderthal close realtives sitting ourside their caves on what is now modern-day Gibraltar around 40,000 years ago, watching their few-hundred-thousand-year sun go down over a lovely blue sea and not having the wit to realise that they were the very last of their kind. But then, of course, that’s just “terribly perverse and awfully difficult” (for some official fishy English dinosaurs), always looking forward to a long and healthy fish and fishing future, old me…….

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