2 thoughts on “Hunting is slowly dying off creating crisis for endangered species

  1. I saw today, here in Britain, that a certain someone is trying to stop the US Hunting Rot.



    Here in Britain, kids and young people moved on from doing / wanting to do such stuff (did I hear an old, Cordelia, of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel fame, “E-e-u-u-u-w!” ?) a long long time ago.

    As they have and are now far less-fatal fishing.

    Some big rethinking about Sport, Wildlife and Conservation needs to be done now, fellas – something that I very gently suggested to a number of British Angling and Rural “luminaries” I knew as friends beginning a couple of decades back. My body is still carrying quantities of their Purdey and Holland & Holland shot and Steyr Mannlicher Pro and Merkel stalking rifle lead….

    Ducks then runs…..

  2. Our public land resources (hunting fishing birding paddling and so on): use ’em or lose’em
    That being said hunting is in dire need of a branding makeover, there’s got to be more to it than aisle after aisle of camo’d Under Armour merch.

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