Hunting advocacy group offers chance to join ‘modern day Teddy Roosevelt

HunterNation is running a contest for a chance to win a hunting trip with a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt. My guess is Teddy would be rolling in his grave.

I knew Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt was a friend of mine

Don Jr, you’re no “modern-day Teddy Roosevelt”

  • Your Public Lands

LINK (via: Globe and Mail)



2 thoughts on “Hunting advocacy group offers chance to join ‘modern day Teddy Roosevelt

  1. It should be noted that that highly dismissive, contempt-inviting article appeared in Little Middle England’s staple read, the Daily Mail, the same newspaper that, only a very years ago, was publishing articles by a Knighted (as in English, sword-on-a-shoulder “Sir”) former cricketer, now a keen shot (and also a self-styled Atlantic salmon-fisher), blowing hot and hard about Britain’s much-loved Songbirds (think backyard sparrow, blackbird, thrush, finch etc small stuff) and how my country’s Royal Society For The Protection of Birds was surely destroying them.

    He did not mention, however, that the RSPCA at the time was giving some “serious grief” to the “vermin”-killing gamekeepers of Britain’s grouse moors and bred-to-blast high-volume pheasant shoots, men who were regularly “disappearing” not merely crows and magpies and other designated low-level vermin but also rare carnivorous Raptors, including iconic bird species like the Golden Eagle (yes, even these) if they felt that they were reducing bird numbers for their big-bucks Guns.

    So, guys, understand what that paper was about: merely giving its “Tut-tut”-ing Little Urban and Suburban Englander readers some big bad greedy Rich People (“Foreigners too…”) to Daily Hate….

    The above will probably see me summarily but oh-so discreetly shot (“They” did the Not One of Us Excommunicating decades ago) but “Hey … what the heck … it’s has to be said if we’re going to save ANYTHING now, fish, fur or fowl…”

  2. “RSPCA” mentioned in typo-error above – The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals.

    But then they were getting in the neck, too! Still are, from some.

    Just more of the Late Stage, “Quick, blame something!”, self-footshooting that I mentioned here the other day.

    Very “head-in-the-sand ostrich” odd.

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