How to Tie Steve Cobb’s Thanksgiving Turkey Fly

Steve Cobb’s Turkey Fly tutorial is a  Thanksgiving holiday tradition.

Turkey Fly
Hook: Stainless steel hook, size 1/0.
Thread #1: Brown, 6/0.
Body: Natural brown deer hair.
Wings: Brown or tan soft hackle saddle feathers.
Legs: Tan round-rubber legs.
Adhesive #1: UV-cure resin.
Tails: Brown or tan soft hackle saddle feathers glued at bases.
Adhesive #2: UV-cure resin.
Thread #1: Red, 6/0.
Head/beard: Red zonker strip (1/8″ wide).
Beak: Yellow sheet foam.
Adhesive #3: Superglue or head cement.
Eyes: 5X tippet and Small black glass beads.
Adhesive #4: Superglue or head cement.
Tools: Sewing needle

LINK (via Orvis)

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