How To Fish The Río Grande In Argentina

In this film Paulo Hoffmann, a guide at Kau Tapen on the Rio Grande in Argentina takes us through some of the equipment and casting skills you need to tackle the big sea trout that inhabit this river.

One thought on “How To Fish The Río Grande In Argentina

  1. Hi, Kau Tapen and Villa Maria and Family Las Carreras (Jorge, especially). I bet a few of you remember (and some are probably still trying to forget) my as ever highly unconventional yet “How did he do that…?” dauntingly fishily successful first visit (and several subsequent ones)! Look after that 1st edition hardback copy of Crazy River I left with you, as people tell me it worth a lot of $s these days, though I wouldn’t know….

    Please say ‘Hi’ to everyone up and down the Rio Grande who can admit to once knowing me, too. A few of them might even admit that we did some highly memorable, indeed magical even as we thought much, sensed ‘stuff’, believed we’d maybe figured out a few things, then tried them usually unsuccessfully, experimental, in retrospect groundbreaking fly-fishing and fly-tying for the then little-fished middle and upper river together – Marcos, for example…

    Great times.

    Feliz Navidad.

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