How To Fish A Dry Fly Downstream

In this “How To” episode, RIO brand manager Simon Gawesworth explains how to fish a dry fly in a river downstream. Most anglers fish a dry fly to trout by casting upstream, but the downstream dry fly can give anglers a great edge when it comes to catching a particularly wary trout. Simon shows how to get an effective presentation of a dry fly to a rising fish when cast downstream, and also explains how to carefully approach the casting aspect to avoid scaring a fish.

Any angler watching this video will be left with the knowledge of this very effective river trout fly fishing technique and will learn a few of the subtleties that make it so deadly. Simon finishes the film by catching a beautiful, large cutthroat trout from under a tricky tree branch.


One thought on “How To Fish A Dry Fly Downstream

  1. Great video. Thanks for the tips. What’s the danger of having too much slack when you try to use a dry fly downstream?

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