2 thoughts on “How to behave on a trout stream

  1. How odd, I only had the following in by email from an old Wales, Patagonia and elsewhere fishing pal yesterday, in reply to some comments from me in an earlier one about why I don’t fish a lot of long-loved and often sometimes very good to me trout, sea-trout and Atlantic salmon rivers anymore:

    “The club’s non-sea-trout and salmon stretches can still be the “Cant’ fish in this zoo” you mentioned, Paul — including your old, freebied juicy private bits that were added to its portfolio of waters several years ago. Still queues for the best pools and runs, fish a cast or two, take a pace or two down and cast again, then get out at the bottom and walk back upstream to the back of the waiting queue. Bankside company and cheery chatter whilst waiting the sea-trout dusk not what it was once either. Too fish-hungry to be civil quite a few of them these days, even the locals to me a fellow Welsh-speaker with family and roots in the area . Rather hard-nosed and must catch flyboy / Trout Bum professional now. My experience from around a decade ago at least, which after a couple of seasons of it left me feeling that I’d rather catch little or nothing somewhere in a bit of peace and quiet. Just like you really. As for X [self: not that many, in fact only a few] English Pounds a day for its upper stretches’ small to very average trout, with their very few biggies only coming out to play in the anti-social summer dusk and early dark — just not that hungry thank you. ATB……”


    Not stopping us fishing for a very few modest trout somewhere highly unfashionable and unwanted and so blessedly quiet with a couple of mutual friends and fellow sufferers this weekend, though. Got to keep your end up even if everything around you sometimes appears to be in the processs of falling over / going to the wall…..

    Boote out.

  2. Ps – One small correction to the first line of the quoted email above. Should read:

    “The club’s sea-trout and salmon stretches can still be the “Cant’ fish in this zoo” you mentioned, Paul ….”

    Not “non-sea-trout” as first copied and pasted here.

    Aside from this, STET.

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