Honor California’s South Fork Smith River as Heritage Trout Waters!


The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is currently proposing to designate 25 miles of the upper South Fork Smith River as Heritage Trout Waters, and the Native Fish Society hopes that you will join with them and show your support for this designation.

Supporting the upper South Fork Smith River, located above Black Hawk Bar including South Fork tributaries, as Heritage Trout Waters will help protect and sustain one of California’s best wild, native trout populations while allowing anglers to enjoy one of the state’s most prized wild trout fisheries. Already, the Smith River is highly regarded for its water quality, whitewater recreation and aesthetic beauty, making it one of the crown jewels of the national Wild and Scenic Rivers program.

To add to these accolades, the upper South Fork Smith River is a great choice for the next Heritage Trout Waters designation because it represents a quintessential wild, native population of Coastal Cutthroat Trout (CCT) in Northern California, which is one of the most unique native trout species along the Pacific Coast!

Take Action Today (via: Native Fish Society)

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