Take Action: Help Protect the Au Sable River

Help Protect the Au Sable River – Unfiltered Fish Poop Pollutes

The Au Sable River is a renowned trout fishery that flows from Grayling, Michigan eastward into Lake Huron. It is one of the most popular and productive wild trout streams in the Midwest. Known for its world-class hatches and rising trout, it is also a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts, property owners, and vacationers…and now the river is threatened.

A fish farm permit in the headwaters of the Au Sable will dump hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste into the water every year because the State of Michigan is not requiring the fish farm to adequately filter the wastewater its dumps into the Au Sable. The thriving river economy that depends on the Au Sable being clean, clear, and trout-friendly is in jeopardy from a single party that will use the river as a sewage system. Such point-source pollution could greatly harm the fishery and those families who depend on the river-related economy.

The Anglers of the Au Sable, with generous support from Winston rods and Lamson reels, is raising funds for the lawsuit fighting the insufficient permit granted by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The technology exists to do this cleanly – and that’s all we request.

There is only one goal: to keep the Au Sable world class. How can you help? Please take a moment to share this video with your friends and donate to the “River Lover” fund on Generosity.com.

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