4 thoughts on “Heed The Call: Creating a Tribe with an Immersive Brand

  1. I have asked my young female Personal Assistant to listen to this doubtless strutting – I am God, You are Mere Also-Rans – Look on My Works, Ye Puny and Despair – possibly mentally deranging stuff, as I felt that it might be a little too much for me. So sorry … when it comes to brash, big-bearded, smart-dressed Texan men, I still far prefer ZZ Top, for a) they could at least play (and not have to do please-listen-at-me podcasts), and, above all, b) get some some really hot women to appear in their early videos.

    Presently badly waterlogged Britain out.

  2. There’s a Barcode War breaking out in little old Downton Abbey Heritage Britain.


    I believe you can see now why I don’t anywhere near such stuff, for fear that I’ll catch a Big Brand barcoded, It’s Ours, A’hole, Atlantic salmon, then have both the International and Domestic Sport Police pay me a visit, to check out my make of Speyrod and breathable waders and if necessay send me for re-education. The loss of the now RU One of Us?, totally corporatized and fully Ambassadored-up chalkstream trout a few decades back was bad enough….

    Back to the current, highly immersive, Brand Britain floods and the next lot of Terminator finale, “There’s a storm coming in”, wind and hard rain.

    Boote out, never entirely seriously, as always.

  3. Further Future Trends and maybe Brands heads-up February update – “Atmospheric Rivers”.


    Now, I have known a few Atmospheric Rivers over the years – many of them small, extremely nice-looking and pretty insignificant in the greater order of things, others absolutely huge and occasionally homicidal in intent / not so large but still “You talkin’ to me?” downright dangerous – but not in the sky.

    This doesn’t matter … I see it now … Paul Boote’s Atmospheric Rivers TM © ® … the international travel company of Top Types Choice, the TV series, the high-end apparel and luggage supplier, the bespoke maker of rods, the go-to Fount of All Fishy Madness Purporting to be Wisdom … the kids can go hang and stay in their foetid / fetid rooms and play Fortnite….

    There is no alternative, I see, now, after VERY briefly being personally tempted by the werll-before-the- rest adoption of such stuff, by a few “Go for it!” others and by the horribly prescient Dark Side of Myself over thirty years ago


    1) Engage.

    2) Make it so.

    [Both of the above done at Warp 10 IS possible simultaneously]

    We’ll be there before the poor sap rest have realised just what we have done….

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