2 thoughts on “guys who drive Subarus

  1. Subarus.

    There was an earlier British Sub-Species, you know – the Middled Age Male Having an All Departments Midlife Crisis Subaru GC8 Impreza Driver. One particularly, a British waters fishing buddy during my later 20s and thirties, who bought himself one of these in his fifties and promptly became a total boyracer and much youngere tail-chaser, springs to mind.

    Not the way to go or a good look, more worthy a quiet, headshaking “Oh dear….”.

    We lost touch.

    1. A automatic transmission put me down 4x in an SUV, and once in a 77 impala.
      I rather shift my own gears with AWD. I fishtailed at 70mph in RWD.
      But the affordable choices are slim. Being this picky about the car I drive, led me to Subaru, can’t afford a Lamborghini. Plus it’s hard for anyone to get in the back seat of my 98 mustang. SUVs just isn’t my thing.
      So I maybe over 50 and own a WRX, but it’s slow AF.
      I doubt anyone who owns one thinks he’s a raceboy, or atleast he shouldn’t.
      By the way impezas stop putting manuals in car, escort to small for 40+k, minis to small for 200+lbs. Not trying to be mean, but your assumptions of someone having a mid life crisis is wrong. Besides I should be able to buy whatever I want without some hating on people’s choices.

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