One thought on “It gives new meaning to a “fishing trip”

  1. Sarpa Salpa or the hallucinogenic fish…
    I grew up in Southern France and these fishes called in French “Saupe” were amongst the first to be shot while experimenting with spearfishing….Bad fish we were we never ever tried to eat them. Ok we were kids and wasting a few of these poor buggers was no big deal at the time.

    Fast forward 30 years, I am on a business trip in Tunisia this last April and being asked by the local guys working on my project if a grilled fish barbecue would tempt me? Off we go to market to choose some fresh catch..Hey I know this fish, we don’t eat it in France but here you do? Ok! lets get some then..

    Several hours later, I am in bed with serious anguish, unsure if I need to be transported to the ER. Bad trip would be the quick way to resume my night. Imagining skeletons and monsters dangling in my room, thirsty and unable to close my eyes without going into some king of deep dive into a dark tunnel…these are the fews things I can remember before going into a profuse sweat session and delirium.

    By 6.00am the high was over, I survived. Good lord what a trip indeed. A few weeks later while on a flight to Algeria, I discussed my adventures with a fellow passenger from Tunis, and to my great surprise she knew this fish, and apparently well known effects..especially if you consume the head.

    It’s not a myth and it not the nicest ride I ever had…

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