One thought on “Man Rig: My gawd Thurston! Now we have to trade in the Rolls Edition

  1. A Historic Motoring and Sporting Style Note from A Brit:

    Back in the days of the English Gentleman, the aristos who often dressed and looked like hobos, but who often happened to own perhaps a 10,000-acre estate in, say, Wiltshire plus a 50-room Georgian mansion and ancillary properties which they might not have visited for a year or two as they were much too busy being pursuing sporting opportunities and generally having bags of fun, said English gents chose the Bentley (together with the Alvis, an English maker of hand-made cars that ceased trading in the mid 1960s) as their understated, highest-quality vehicle of choice.

    New Money people, eager to dress and impress, on the the other hand, tended to swank about in top-end latest model Jaguars and Rolls Royce convertibles, and were thought rather poorly of as a consequence. The latter vehicles, the rather loud in looks 1960s and ’70s “Rollers”, if they haven’t already gone to the Great Scrapyard in The Sky, are now very popular with those wishing to arrive in a manner to which they have not been previously accustomed at a Big Day Dream Wedding or similar event. I saw one slide past me one Saturday lunchtime here only last week, the bride lovely in white with her tophatted and tailed father in the back, the Roller itself a rather bilious yellow.

    As for today’s Betleys….

    So that you guys know.

    All the best,

    Paul Boote, UK

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