FlyFish Adventures: Nunavut – Colors Of The Arctic

Helmut Zaderer and Yngve Ask are traveling to the best destinations on this planet.

This time they went as far north as you can go, Nunavut in Arctic Canada, fishing for Lake Trouts and Arctic char. The summer is short this far north, only a few weeks a year there is no snow. Summer is therefore intense, and so is the fishing.

A lot of people don’t give the lake trout the credit it deserves, but truth told, they are the Taimen of the Arctic. Great action, beautiful and a good sport to catch on dry flies, poppers as well as wet flies.

Arctic char are of course the trophy fish we are looking for. They come from the sea silver as anything you have seen but undergo a transformation to bright almost tropical-looking orange.

Sit back and enjoy this arctic adventure.

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