One thought on “Fly-Fishing for Rainbow Trout with Tiny Flies (Catch, Clean & COOK!)

  1. I mean, “like”, er, guys … what can a Man Like Moi say, let alone do….?

    … Maybe, “like”, get an “invite” to Kanye’s new ‘hood and tell him about the old, greying dreadlocked Jamaican Rastaman I was talking hardcore fishing with whilst drinking super-cold beer in the surprisngly hot late-summer sun beside a hand-dug in the 18th Century, Non-Downton Abbey, English canal and adjacent FORMER fine trout stream (I totally radically fly-caught and released a few of its last resident as a young saP BACK in the 1970s) just yesterday later afternoon / early evening … a man who thought you are … er … well … so sorry, Kanye….

    Shame it happened to dear, old, largely blameless and laughably innocent, Suckers-R-Us-So-Do-Feel–Free-To-Serially-Hit-on-Us, Jokers, Li’l’ Ol’ Angling.

    “C’mon, now, Paul, pull yourself together!”

    “OK. I’ll do my best.”

    Lotus Position … super-long “Om” … some deep-breathing … things might be better in the morning.

    Or not.

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