Fly Fishers International Announces Organization-Wide Rebranding

fly fishers international

(Livingston, MT) Fly Fishers International (FFI), formerly known as the International Federation of Fly Fishers, has completed the first phase of an organization-wide rebranding, including changing its name to Fly Fishers International.

Established in 1964 as “the voice of fly anglers, tiers, and casters,” FFI is headquartered in Livingston, Montana, where the organization also oversees the Fly Fishing Learning Center, Fly Fishing Museum and other operations that include educational programs and conservation actions.

The rebranding was spurred by discussions and research among members, past members, and the greater fly fishing community, who saw that the organization’s current membership was aging, while its presence among a younger and more diverse angling population had diminished over the years.

“We know that our core mission—to support, enhance and preserve fly fishing opportunities through education and conservation—still resonates strongly,” says Len Zickler, president of FFI. “However, we felt like our brand and messaging could more accurately reflect that mission, and better position us for growth so we can continue to make a positive impact on behalf of fly fishers around the world.”

The rebranding effort began with the circulation of several surveys, followed by in-depth discussions with key stakeholders and partners. A branding and marketing agency was engaged to facilitate the conversation and to make recommendations based on results analysis and strategic positioning.

The name Fly Fishers International was selected by the Board of Directors from numerous options.
A refined message that centered around the development of three ‘mission pillars’—conservation, education, and community—was also fundamental to the rebranding efforts.

The first phases of rebranding were introduced publicly in April of 2017, beginning with a new company identity, logo, and website, as well as redesigned supporting informational and promotional materials.

“We know that changing our name is just one step in what will be a long and complex process,” points out Zickler. “But we’re eager to move into what’s a hugely significant evolution for our organization—and are particularly excited about the role we want to play in cultivating conservation, education, and a sense of community within the sport and art of fly fishing, now and into the future.”

For more information, contact the FFI offices at 406-222-9369 go to

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