Fishstarter: OUT COME THE DOGS Edition

OUT COME THE DOGS is an adventure travel memoir by Stu Tripney

Stu Tripney’s obsession with fly fishing takes him deep into places where few people are bold enough to go. His books are an exploration of human nature, as much as they are a record of an intrepid journey.

Out Come The Dogs happens in India, where Stu ventures high up into the Himalayan mountain ranges, visiting remote villages and exploring valleys, encountering and embracing everything in his path. Savage dogs, monks, hashish, monkeys, whisky, poverty, nomads, sickness, oxygen, and fly fishing.

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One thought on “Fishstarter: OUT COME THE DOGS Edition

  1. “Didn’t you do something rather like this, completely un-funded and without all the “insane”, possibly people-pleasing, cork chive-chomping foaming and gnashing for max. effect,.forty-four years ago, Paul?”

    Yeah, but then Jimi did the Stairway solo .. and Rob the words and vocals … a dozen years before this guy did it in a far better than Spinal Tap, 1983 Rockumentary send-up for British TV.

    Around 3 minutes into the one below – “says a lot”………

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