2 thoughts on “Fishstarter: Once Salmon, Always Salmon

  1. Yup. Whatever you can get away with these days, it seems.

    Reminded, somehow, of a similar, megabucks British Riparian Owners’, property and fishery values already completely maxed-out thank you, filmic English “Hallowed Chalkstreams” (done plenty of it much much earlier, for relatively few pence, when very few wanted such stuff, thank you) or similar effort that shamelessly came begging, Smart Traditional English (in reality, Scots) Tweed cap or Branded Fleece Beanie in-hand to such a site awhile back.

    “Only likely to make VITAL, potential, new, flyfishing-entering and -saving non-Trustafarian youngsters and Mere Non-Megamoney Humans think: ‘Are you kidding, man? I want NONE of that! Not even with somebody else’s! Particularly with guys like YOU! Especially at that price!’. I thought to myself. last year, when it happened.

    As ever, I found myself not that far wrong. Same old, same old, when something REAL and not Safe, Personal , Social and Good Ol’ Boys Comfort Zones and Bluffing Real Estate Agencies Madmen Stuff is now so desperately required……….

    So sorry to be a fishy party-pooper, fellas; it’s probably because I have done far too much real, non-profiteering, for sheer love and the Hell of it Angling – “My Bad”.

  2. It’s a wonder there are any salmon left after those guys smashed them onto the rocks!
    How about show some respect

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