Don’t Forget the Pebble Mine’s Overlooked Port

Hakai Magazine points out an overlooked aspect of Pebble’s environmental impact.

A broad array of groups, from fishermen to United States government agencies, have voiced serious concerns about the potential threat posed by the proposed Pebble Mine to the sockeye salmon that inhabit Alaska’s Bristol Bay. But largely overlooked and undiscussed is the fact that the mine is actually a suite of infrastructure: in addition to the mine itself, approval of Pebble Partnership’s plans would also bring roads, a natural gas pipeline, and other construction to this slice of the Alaskan wilderness. A source close to the Pebble project says that one of these trappings, in particular, deserves closer scrutiny: a new year-round marine port, proposed for the largely undeveloped west coast of the lower Cook Inlet.

LINK (via: Hakai Magazine)

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