Dammed, drugged & poisoned: 3 Susquehanna species struggle to survive

Smallmouth bass are suffering from lesions and intersex organs. Shad & eel are hampered by dams. The species may be very different, and the challenges they face are varied, but one thing is certain: their numbers are not what they used to be, and that is a reflection of the health of the watershed.

LINK (via: York Daily Record)

One thought on “Dammed, drugged & poisoned: 3 Susquehanna species struggle to survive

  1. Meanwhile, in Indian Mahseer Country….


    The Dhauli Ganga River featured meets the Alakananda River (which I have fished) which, when joined by the Bhagirathi River (also fished), at Devprayag, becomes the Ganges River proper (upper reaches, fished a lot). The smashed dam featured is one of many new ones in the Upper Ganges watershed and is a mere “tiddler” by local standards

    Dams in this time of melting glaciers and icecaps, eh…?

    And as for a massive earthquake in what is a geologically unstable mountainous region causing a massive, maybe multi-dam “domino effect” failure that sends a suddenly colossal Ganges raging through the Himalaya to the meet the few million souls who live immediately below where it leaves the last of the Himalayan foothills and hits the North Indian Plains…..


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