The Current Summer 2016

The Current.

The latest issue of CalTrout’s online magazine explores the mystery of California’s volcanic aquifers, their importance as a source of the state’s water supply, and CalTrout’s plan to monitor and protect this vital resource.

In “What the Science Says”, Dr. Rob Lusardi offers insights and strategies for saving California’s salmon.

Dr. Jacob Katz, CalTrout’s Central California Director, is working on reshaping California’s water management policies with the Central Valley Salmon Partnership.

You’ll find a rundown of the legislative issues we’re following as well as a recap of the Casting Call event on the Capitol Lawn held in May.

Mike Wier visits the Truckee River in Spot Check, Craig Ballenger champions the Keep ‘Em Wet movement in Craig’s Corner, and you’ll find beautiful photos and inspiring videos in Reflections and Tail Out.


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