Crown Actor Jim Murray Launches Activist Anglers

Actor Jim Murray has launched Activist Anglers, a campaign to help anglers protect rivers from pollution.

Murray, who played Prince Andrew in The Crown television series on streaming service Netflix, is challenging anglers to ask themselves: “Have you ever wondered what you could do to be more active in your local water?” and “What can you do to become more involved in your local water?”

LINK (via Scottish Field)

2 thoughts on “Crown Actor Jim Murray Launches Activist Anglers

  1. Perfectly laudible fishy special interest group aims, but it has to be borne in my mind, however, that here in highly fractious and subtly socially splintered, Us v. Them Britain such Angling Actiivists stuff could very easily descend into an anti-Woke / Vegan / Vegetarian / Bleeding Heart Bunnyhugger cuddly-Wuddly Conseravtionist (as opposed to REAL, it takes eggs to make omelettes, Big C conservationists like ourselves…..) etc, get even with anyone or any grouping that “We” perceive to be against us, Listen To Us not THEM! let’s get the discontented masses going, semi-vigilante mob. Lot of this about at present – possible wolves looking to dress up in New Conservationist sheep’s clothing in the hope that this will make them more attractive and acceptable, win them a wider audience and gain them lots more friends..

    As a life-long , very widely fished (domestic and foreign, many species and with all sorts of methods not just the Holy Fly), very experienced Angler, my first response to such a call to “Stop the rot!” arms yesterday, when I first heard about the above, was “Okay…. But with completel transparency about just what such an outfit really wants….and then with great care…”

    Bashed out without edit, Boote out.

  2. Much later PS – A Near-100% Perfect, Never Needed a Checker, or a Dictionary Ever, Speller’s Edit

    Laudible, Paul….? C’mon……



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