2 thoughts on “Catch Magazine #62

  1. Thinks: “My word, there is very nearly half of the contents of the British Museum of Natural History (Tring, Hertfordshire branch) – https://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit/tring.html – in that one…”

  2. PS – I had a “very upset” email arrive at an old mail address not long after posting the one above from a Traditional Salmon Fly-Tyer whom I used to know.

    Him, without any preceding “Hi, Paul” moderator: “It’s tied with subsitutes, you fool!!!”

    Me, sighing gentlyto myself, by way of a reply: “Credit me with some experience and a very acute eye, XXXX. If you remember, I had been tying a few of these gorgeous baubles, some with Real McCoy materials, for several years before you first met me at a Flydressers Guild talk I was giving back in the mid 1980s, then suddenly went all Saul on the road to Damascus I’ve seen the light on me and everybody else. Literal-mindedness and humourlesness – unforgivable vices, in my opinion. Take it easy, don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Paul”

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