One thought on “Built for Generations: The Reel with Hilary Hutcheson

  1. Just have the courage (?) name-check the thing, please, lass – it’s an old Pfleuger Medalist, not a holy relic!

    Naming other Brand’s Classic in modern promotional videos really can’t hurt you, either, just help Angling in a Brand-Heavy and driven-down down-time. Really. I mean it. Those Medalists were just some of the freely available and not-very-pricey gear for people who just wanted to go fishing in a time when Brand Loyalty, Sponsorships and Soft-Focus Influencing didn’t exist, let alone “We are desperate to reconnect and be authentic” Modern Times “crucially” matter. Maybe a time now, now of all times, for a return to those deep and very well dug-in, secure, “It’s cheap and pretty well indestructible and does the job required of it) old roots … before (It was never actually like that in the soft-focus Before The Fall past) Cinematic Shadow Casting and the teary-eyed effect it had upon some “I want some of real authentic fake stuff!” William Gibson-reading / pining for the past folk…?

    Not a comment upn from me about someone who appears to be a very nice woman, just one about “The Industry” that got us all – well, at least some of us – here.

    Just go fishing, however bad you look, however many Brands and Influencers and Movers and Shakers you offend…

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