Bristol Bay Lodge Still On The Market

Have 9.5 million large lying around?

The venerable Bristol Bay Lodge, which went on the market back in July, remains for sale.

Bristol Bay Lodge, a world-renowned luxury fishing lodge in Alaska, has hit the market for $9.5 million. It comes complete with top-shelf fishing gear, boats, aircraft, and everything else an operator would need to continue the 50-year legacy of hosting guests. The lodge is listed with Deke Tidwell of Hall and Hall.

Here is the listing.

LINK (via Alaska porting Journal)

One thought on “Bristol Bay Lodge Still On The Market

  1. Not just Alaska – I fear that a lot of fisheries / lodges (and The Industry) worldwide managed to lose (through client-base neglect, absence of mind when faced with seemingly unlimited numbers of must-have fish, arrogance, snobbery, keep off my patch attitudes etc etc – add some of your own) the vital replacement generations for the world is my oyster, well-travelled, wealth beyond their parents’ and grandparents’ wildest imaginings Boomer one. And with the latter heading off to the Great Private Honey Hole in The Sky now, who wants what they once loved and paid so handsomely for….?

    Over here, in Britain, I saw an advertisement for a place (or places) on an exclusive trout fishing syndicate on the world-famous (more for reasons of the likes of great 19th and early 20th Century Fly Fishing innovators and writers like F.M. Halford and F.W. Hills than the present day quality of its fishing) River Test.

    I forwarded the ad. to an old fishing pal of mine by email, with this brief comment:

    “A sign of the times, XYZ. This would never have to have been advertized a decade ago. The old Strictly Dead Men’s Shoes [on the best rivers and stretches and for the prime weeks] Era appears to be drawing to a “Who wants it now?” close. I did sorta warn some of those guys about this, very gently and nicely so as not to appear a mad crank, a long time back. Remember my story of my mid-1990s TDF Ranch House Dinner Table Address to The Assembled Elderly British Fishy Great and Good, when the six of them repeatedly pressed me to tell them what I thought was going to happen next both fishing- and world-wise, and, as I has had a 24.5lb sea-trout on a 6-weight and a sixe 10 nymph that day, I very foolishy told them!”

    Boote out.

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