One thought on “#Artifishal

  1. Man-made Band-aids (we Brits call them sticking plasters), mere self-inflicted-wound dressings, fellas. Like shooting up so many offending sea lions for doing what they’ve always done. For some flat-earther, it’s not my fault (never is, we always find a new, convenient scapegoat), bottom-line Brits, it’s seabirds that that inconveniently survival-snack on OUR fish and even the poor old otters that are only just returning after being mostly eradicated by Silent Spring DDT.

    What’s that old saying? People who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones…?

    Seeger-Baez-Peter, Paul and Mary – Where Have All The Flowers Gone …”When will they ever learn?”….

    Time we started.

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