Anglers Remove 100,000 Predators From Columbia and Snake Rivers

Cast for cash!

The Bonneville Power Administration and its partners report that in 2020, for the 23rd consecutive season, the Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Program met its annual goal to remove 10% to 20% of pikeminnow, 9 inches or longer, in the Columbia and Snake rivers that prey on juvenile salmon and steelhead.

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3 thoughts on “Anglers Remove 100,000 Predators From Columbia and Snake Rivers

  1. What next? What happens when the latest designated “Hoo! Hiss!” piece of vermin doesn’t work (like The Verve’s drugs)? Those darned Herons, Kingfishers, Ospreys, Otters etc…? This way Mass Fishy Paranoia and an Unquenchable Madness lies….

    Oh, dammit, let’s have the music!

  2. PS – Usual Suspects lined up against “The Likely Suspects”. Look the latter up: we’ve got some Big Money Us looking for Them! (the present long before the likes of Us but now Invading / ive because We screwed the rivers, the oceans and the climate, Atlantic Salmon Bodysnatchers) here in Britain at present. Oh well, the Non Mea Culpa Blame Culture for you.

    PPS – Those salmon-snaffling Orcas have some cheek….

  3. Sorry about another visit, fellas, but this was one just TOO good.

    Not content with getting all the blame for mass, finless / diseased salmon escapes (not to mention crashing wild salmon numbers in nearby rivers and destroying the adjacent marine environment with effluent etc), the Scots salmon-farming industry (which, the last time I heard, was making a financial contribution to a certaion wild salmon charity v.v. worried about Where Have All the Wild Salmon Gone (Missing without Our express permission and leave), is blaming……

    …. The Seals.

    Long the top, where’s me rifle? hate-item of Scottish wild salmon netsmen and river-owners, they are now the Go-To “They’re ganging up on all of us blameless Superior Salar Volk now!” Reason for failing rivers, failing runs, falling rents and crashing fishing-property values.

    So, there you have it….

    … nothing less than…..

    A Conspiracy of Seals.

    BooteAnon Out.

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