A Chance to Win a Beautiful Work of Art

Richard Harrington hand-pulled woodcut print of chinook salmon and text from poet Tom Crawford.

Richard Harrington has generously donated a number of artist’s proofs of his new woodcut “Our Rivers Are Paved” to conservation organizations working on behalf of wild fish and free-flowing rivers. He is donating one of these prints to the Wild Steelhead Coalition with the hope that it will help drive support for their work as the year ends.

“Our Rivers Are Paved” is a hand-carved woodcut print that depicts a “June Hog” Spring Chinook and lists the names of the large dams spanning the main stem of the Columbia and Snake Rivers. The four Lower Snake River Dams are printed with red ink. The print gets its title from a line by the poet Tom Crawford that runs beneath the salmon. Incredibly, the print is a life-size depiction of these amazing salmon. Each one is printed on a piece of archival paper 31 inches tall and 68 inches wide!

 During the month of December, every Wild Steelhead Coalition supporter who donates $50 or more will be eligible to win the print.


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