One thought on “You’re Acquired!

  1. Yoga Journal and Clean Eating, eh…?


    How the Year 21 of the soon to be post-Infinity Pool Influencer 21st Century chilly winds of compulsive consumer reality doth blow…..

    Boote, Life-long Outsider (though definitely not in the Mergers and Acquisitions, I’m Always in SOMEONE’s Big Tent, Corporate Sense), out.

    … well, except to say that, when your ill-conceived and unsustainable business model doesn’t work out (as in Scottish salmon-farming with a very large and lucrative but now extremely demanding American market), just don’t demand compensation – it’s such a bad Look … s-o-o-o-o likely to tarnish your painstakingly and doubtless extremely expensively burnished Corporate Image….

    From the Scottish Herald –

    Really out now.

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